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Welcome to Perhaps Today Ministries

Welcome to our website, we hope that you that you will be both challenged and encouraged by what you find here.

It is without question that we are living in perilous times, therefore we must be able to hear the voice of the LORD distinctly when He is speaking to His people.

There are many voices clamoring for our attention in the world, on the job, in the family, and in the church. The Apostle Paul wrote, "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? " 1 Cor. 14:8 KJV

Christ is coming! The gospel of the Kingdom of God must be preached to prepare the church for His coming! Judgment is coming to the House of God and God's long awaited wrath is about to be poured out on ALL the earth. We must know what the LORD is saying to us if we are to be prepared for HIs coming!

Men's and women's hearts are full of fear of what is coming upon the world, but for those of us who are "IN CHRIST" we should be full of joy, for our redemption is drawing nearer, PERHAPS TODAY!

Every man should hear the gospel of the Kingdom of God at least once...

The heart of man is the dwelling place of the Almighty God...