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Declaring the works of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to Perhaps Today Ministries

We are glad that you have visited with us today. It is our sincere prayer that our website will be a blessing to you and your family.

It is our belief that God wants us complete... spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and socially. We know that as we walk with God in every area He will bless us with spiritual growth, physical health, mental wellness, financial prosperity, and divine relationships... a fulfilled life.

This is our mission in ministry... to help you become who God has called you to be IN CHRIST. One of the most important things you will ever come to know is "who you are in Christ" and "what you possess in Him." 
Christianity has been called the Great Confession, yet so many believers fail to realize it is not confession of sins, it is the confession of Christ coming in the flesh.
If you are a believer Christ is "in you" and you are "in Him" by the work of the Holy Spirit making you a new creation IN Christ.

Every man should hear the Gospel...

The heart of man is the dwelling place of the Almighty God...